TrashBusters A social entrepreneurship project to jointly fight plastic pollution

What is happening

What is happening - TrashBusters

We see plastic and other types of human-made litter everywhere in the nature... this has terrible consequences to many species, including us, humans.

Oceans, seas and water bodies become the end collection points of our litter. If we don't do anything, very soon, they will turn inhabitable environments, endangering their flora and fauna and threatening them with extinction.

It is time to act... NOW!

Don't turn a blind eye or blame others for the plastic invasion. There is no time to wait and we all can do! 

Help the oceans and nature in general by removing any plastic and rubbish you find and by taking it to authorized collection points.

Report your catches here, or in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, spread the word and let's make it a global action! 

Good luck and thank you for helping nature together! We, humans, caused the problem, we will solve it!

It is time to act... NOW! - TrashBusters

The Trash Busters' World Ranking: The summer brings new catches!!

Rank Trash Buster Nickname Number of Reports Total Score (TB-Points)
#1 Mr. Siesta 10 5,560
#2 Frixilia 13 3,881
#3 PuntaTropi 8 2,553
#4 Jose_SHA 1 2,100
#5 CarminaL 23 1,924
#6 Öko-Köln 17 1,789
#7 Green Militant 7 1,556
#8 EuCab 1 1,500
#9 Heidi_SWE 9 1,434
#10 Tibor 11 1,209
#11 Austinia_Essen 14 1,167
#12 Anonym1984 8 990
#13 GreenCucumber 8 973
#14 I am the one! 15 971
#15 Amadeus1969 11 879
#16 Unknown 1 720
#17 Pitr_NY 3 619
#18 Unknown#1 2 515
#19 AnniB 5 502
#20 Antonio_O 6 501
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About us

About us - TrashBusters

Although born Andalusians, life took us to Germany almost a decade ago, where we are happily and proudly settled down. Since then, every year, we travel at least once to where our relatives live in Nerja and Frigiliana, (Málaga, Spain).

It was in one of those trips in the October Break of 2018 when we were shocked with what we were seeing while snorkelling in the beaches in Nerja, Málaga... plastic, plastic on the seashore, plastic underwater, plastic everywhere... beaches that we knew since our childhood to be clean and full of life were turning into plastic landfills.

This puzzled us... For years, we have been separating our domestic waste, recycling, reducing our consumption habits, yes, all that is good and key, but we were also seeing there that this was not being enough and that we could not let it go. Inspired by what our daughter told us when we came back to the shore (“Daddy, if each of us going to the beach would pick-up a plastic bit with us and take it to the bins when we go back, the sea would be clean in one year!!!”), we decided to go one step beyond and launch this (maybe a bit utopian and naïve) project.

We believe that individual actions becoming global can change the world.

Let's turn plastic fight a global trend!

Report your catches and help us spreading the word!

Thank you very much for co-fighting with us.


Maria Ángeles, Martina Sofia and José Abel